ABCC, a lesser known exchange, was founded in mid-2018 and has managed to slowly but surely build a successful exchange.
The exchange has proven itself a worthy competitor for many established players, offering users a suite of attractive features on a convenient and accessible platform, alongside a recent update to their own token token – AT – which introduced a revenue distribution program, similar to Kucoin’s KCS.

Sign-up to ABCC is super quick and easy and no KYC is required to start trading – for many users, this is a big bonus – for others, a regulatory risk.
ABCC sports one of the best exchange websites in the industry, and its exchange platform is easy to navigate and use. They also offer “ABCC Cloud”, an exchange startup service, which provides an off-the-shelf exchange platform, trade matching engine and all operations required to run an exchange business. We would not be surprised to hear if many of the generic exchanges – Bibox, DragonEx, ZB and co – launched using this exact service.

ABCC’s performance numbers are strong, with significant volume which does not appear to be faked and many available assets to trade – with most having justification being listed on the platform by generating volume, as opposed to exchange which simply charge poor projects with overpriced listing fees, just for their trading pairs to eventually die out of lack of volume.

Features on ABCC are also numerous – although there is no margin trading available, the exchange has a mobile app and an attractive revenue distribution program for holders of its AT token.
Its social presence is also impressive, with an organized Telegram channel in which quality discussions take place, and periodical competitions and promotions for the users to participate in – being announced on Twitter and Reddit.

Where ABCC has room for improvement its the situation with its Team: as of now, the exchange refrains from displaying any details about their team publicly on their site, and after digging we managed to locate employees of the exchange on LinkedIn. While they appear to be capable and accomplished businesspeople, the only mention from ABCC of its team is on its “About” page, mentioning CEO Calvin Cheng – which is an accomplished and experienced Blockchain & Bitcoin entrepreneur.

This Team situation reminds us very much of the situation over at Binance, where there is a single frontman and all other members are deliberately staying in the shadows – but, eventually, the exchange is run by more than one person and its users deserve to know who are the people taking care of their funds.

Similarly, ABCC has managed to instill some trust in us by cooperating with authorities in Singapore and applying for licenses in Gibraltar and Malta, though this might mean the current KYC-free situation (at least for the first tier) might not last too long. Additionally, some security features like manually approving new IP addresses, whitelisting withdrawal addresses or a “cooldown” period after password change or login were not present, and this leads us to be a bit more wary of the exchange’s ability to safeguard user funds.
To date, ABCC was not hacked.

To conclude, ABCC is a quiet yet capable exchange, with significant volumes and a wide range of coins to trade in – although there might be better options out there when it comes to our confidence in its ability to safeguard user assets.