BitMart is a digital asset exchange/cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2017. It is one of the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges by volume. A BitMart exchange review reveals that this outfit with headquarters in the Cayman Islands, serves 500,000+ customers in a 180+ countries globally across no less than 123 markets. They also have branches in China, South Korea and the United States.

BitMart seems to be primarily in the business of crypto-to-crypto trading that involves crypto tokens, both utility and other tokens. They also offer a way to buy cryptocurrencies easily, securely and conveniently with a debit / credit card. This is made possible through an arrangement that they have with fintech company and payment processing provider, Simplex.

In addition, a BitMart exchange review shows that they are planning to expand their service or product offering to include OTC trading, futures contract trading, decentralized trading as well as whole-network trading. This while assisting or helping traditional businesses to obtain digital capitalization.

A BitMart exchange review also shows that they have a crypto token of their own, namely the BitMart Token (BMX). This ERC20 token can be used on the BitMart platform to qualify for a discount on the trading or transaction fee charged. BMX tokens can also be used to earn trading fee dividends via BitMart’s Mission X community listing market. BMX tokens can also be used in voting to get new projects listed. In addition, the total supply of BMX tokens started out at 1 billion tokens. This number is set to be reduced to half a billion through the repurchase of BMX tokens.

Bitmart Exchange prides itself with being one of the top Digital Assets exchange with truly impressive liquidity as their main aim is to provide the best experience for the users who want to exchange cryptocurrencies. This liquidity has been obtained as a result of its model that focuses on providing users the access to trade with other investors matching demand with major platforms worldwide without leaving BitMart’s platform. Behind this model, there is a compromised team who is willing to work hard to make BitMart the largest company that provides liquidity of cryptocurrencies.

In addition to its system, many reviews have rated the company as user-friendly since users do not need a computer to access the platform. BitMart’s platform can be accessed on mobile phones throughout its application which is available to download in all operating systems such as iOS and Android. Furthermore, BitMart is one of the few exchanges that allows US citizens interested in trading cryptocurrencies to invest in the platform.  

The system architecture used by them consists of ensuring the security of their clients’ assets by combining the blockchain technology with secret keys that are constantly optimized. A BitMart exchange review also reveals that they offer both multi-coin and multilingual support currently available in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese with future expansion to other major languages